"Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the prettiest of them all?"

A 150-billion-dollar global industry is trying to answer that one question every day. But the moment you think of those big corporates and the rat race, we are slightly turned off. Because our story isn't one that was born out of the unbridled passion to make wealth, rather it was a mom-and-daughter's intimate story wherein the brand was born out of the love and care that family is all about.


Astrophile is not just another skincare brand, but your next-door friend whose expertise on natural skincare will help you unravel the many mysteries of skin, and also help you carry the perfect glow that keeps you on top of your game.


We take inspiration from the five elements: ether, fire(sundried oranges, hibiscus), earth (using fullers earth and kaolin clay and bentonite clay), air, and water, nd our products and ingredients carry the spirit of these elements in their very soul. We believe in inclusivity and it doesn't matter who you are, or whatever age, race, sex you belong to, because as human beings we believe we all have a right to the same things while living our lives on this planet.

Aadhaya Tulsian

One of our two founders is all of eighteen! That should tell you the kind of entrepreneurial zeal we have in the first place. As a teenager, Aadhaya had body image issues and insecurities like every other girl her age has, and after consulting a series of dermatologists, she realised that the answer wasn't out there.

Ekkttaa Tulsian

The other pillar behind Astrophile is none other than the illustrious Ekkttaa Tulsian. While daughter Aadhaya gives the brand the quirky, modernness of today, Ekkttaa Tulsian is all about legacy.


We want to get Ayurveda on the map of the mainstream skincare market. We simply try to offer people what they need: result-oriented, organic Ayurvedic products, in a form that they love: innovative products that also smell good. Today, people are still not aware about the correct ways of using the products they already have or making use of the organic ingredients that can be easily grown or procured.